Midway Public Art Festival RFP

The Midway Public Art Working Group, Hamline Midway Coalition and the Friends of Hamline Park are co-hosting the Midway Public Art Festival at Hamline Park in St. Paul on June 29 from 11am-3pm. The festival will highlight the diverse talents of neighborhood artists through interactive public art, while providing a welcoming gathering for local residents and soccer fans attending the Minnesota United game that day at Allianz Field.

Request for Proposals – Deadline May 24.

The Midway Public Art Working Group is seeking public art proposals for its Public Art Festival at Hamline Park in St. Paul on June 29 from 11am-3pm. The festival will highlight the diverse range, experiences, and talents of neighborhood artists, while providing a welcoming gathering for neighborhood residents and soccer fans attending the Minnesota United game that day at Allianz Field. We are seeking 8-12 artists, who will be paid between $150-250, depending on the length of the performance participation, during the 4-hour festival.

We encourage you to define public art as broadly as possible and think outside the box. The only requirement is that the proposal must involve some sort of action, performance, or interactive component that engages with a public audience or space. In other words, visual art is acceptable if it is accompanied by some sort of interactive art-making or art-related activity. Proposals can, for example, include dance, song, live painting, miming, acrobatics, sound or light projects, projections, etc.

Our commitment to varied and diverse forms of cultural and artistic expression reinforces a further commitment to honoring the varied and diverse identities and values shaping our community.  We strongly encourage proposals from those often underrepresented in the arts, and particularly encourage emerging artists, persons of color and Indigenous people to apply. Artists must live, work, or go to school in the Hamline Midway neighborhood.

Please submit your proposal, in any language, either by email or by video, along with documentation of any past artwork, to If you are sending an email, please limit the proposal to 250 words. Submissions are due May 24.

AIGA Portfolio 1-on-1 Scholarship Opportunity

The Digital Media Arts department is pleased to announce a competition for scholarships to Portfolio 1-on-1, an annual student mini-conference produced by AIGA Minnesota. Share your work with design industry professionals, make new connections, and get valuable feedback and advice on becoming a stronger candidate for internships and jobs within the creative fields.

This year’s event takes place on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, from 9am-6pm at Muse Event Center (downtown Minneapolis).

More details on the event are available at AIGA’s website:
“Before you start applying to jobs get a gut-check from experienced creative professionals at Portfolio 1-on-1. This design-centric conference will give you the opportunity to present your work in mock interviews for constructive feedback and valuable connections. You’ll also have the opportunity to tour agencies and studios, hear from panelists, attend hands-on workshops, and network with other students.”

DMA faculty will review all applications and select scholarship recipients. Up to three scholarships may be awarded. Scholarship covers one free year of AIGA membership ($50 value) and $75 Portfolio 1-on-1 registration fee; students are responsible for registering and for transportation to/from event.

Open to all DMA majors, but the event will be most applicable to those with portfolios focused on graphic design, web design, animation, and/or illustration.
– Must have completed junior portfolio review.
– Portfolio can be submitted as a freestanding website (include URL below), or as a PDF (upload to Google Drive, then turn on “Link sharing” to generate URL).

Application deadline: Friday, March 15, 11:59pm.

To apply, complete and submit the application form here:


THU, FEB 28TH, 5:30PM – 8:30PM

Check out this free screening and consider getting involved!

Meow Wolf is a collective of over 300 creators bonded by a passion for art across a variety of media, including architecture, sculpture, painting, photography, video production, cross-reality (AR/VR/MR), music, audio engineering, narrative writing, costuming, performance, and more. Meow Wolf champions otherness, weirdness, challenging norms, radical inclusion, and the power of creativity to change the world.

Meow Wolf’s first permanent installation, the THEA Award-winning House of Eternal Return, launched in March 2016 with support from Game of Thrones creator, George R.R. Martin. Inside, guests discover a multidimensional mystery house with secret passages, portals to magical worlds, and an expansive narrative amidst surreal, maximalist, and mesmerizing art exhibits. Located in Santa Fe, HOER features a children’s learning center, a cafe and bar, and a highly-rated music venue.

AIGA MN along with 10 Thousand Design will host a FREE private screening of “Meow Wolf: Origin Story”— a high-adrenaline documentary that follows the seven eclectic founding members and hundreds of volunteers as they struggle with fracture, loss, success, and failure over a decade, while constantly redefining themselves and what art can really be. The film is an artistic explosion in and of itself, throwing down a kaleidoscope of color, sound, and music that brings this crazy, highly inspiring ride to life.

Meow Wolf screening followed by panel
Screening starts at 6:15 pm.
Lite snacks, beer, and wine
10 Thousand Design
400 N 1st Ave Ste 600
Minneapolis, MN 55401

FREE Screening – Registration Required


For more info:

Universal Declaration on Human Rights – Graphic Design Show on 12/5


 Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 4 PM – 6 PM

West Hall 240

December 2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Students from Digital
Media Arts will present a suite of 39 posters commemorating the Declaration, while also opening up space for critique, debate, and calls-to-action regarding the historical and contemporary struggles to live up to the Declaration’s ideals.

Sound & Soundings October 29, 7:30-8:30pm

The range of a bell, inscribed in a classical perspective of harmony, served to define a territory that was haunted by the notion of limits as well as the threat of those limits being transgressed.
–Alain Corbin, Village Bells
Auditory communities are created when we all hear (or are forced to hear) the same sounds. Inclusive and excluding, such communities are formed or fractured, coalesced or disrupted by our ever-increasing use of portable electronic devices. In the era of bluetooth speakers and earbuds, we find ever more complicated ways to reach out or to close off, both positions fundamentally made possible through technological engagements. Sound is social; it can also be a weapon. Silence is golden; it can also sunder. Somewhere between these poles we all function. Tonight students and faculty in two classes that deal with sound in very different ways come together to think through its implications.

Obscure Origins Oct 11-27

dreamBot by Dave Ryan and Josh Gumiela

Hamline faculty Dave Ryan (DMA), Allison Baker (Studio Arts), and Josh Gumiela (DMA) will exhibit new work of Obscure Origins.

Oct 11-27, 2018
Opening Reception – Oct 13, 7-9pm

Carnegie Art Center
120 S Broad St
Mankato, MN

Dave Ryan
Steve Ryan
Allison Baker
Josh Gumiela

Open Studios 2017

Join us for Hamline’s annual Open Studios event! Kick things off at the Fine Arts FYSem Showcase (2:45-4:45pm), then join the “art crawl” from 5 to 7pm! Explore the Drew Fine Arts Center lobby, gallery and studios, the Sculpture studios, and the underground labs and studios of Drew Hall to experience a wide variety of 2D, 3D, digital and interactive work produced by Hamline students. Coordinated by the Studio Arts and Art History department, and the Digital Media Arts department. See you there!

Cory Quirk Sound Installation Dec 18 & 19

Hamline student Cory Quirk is opening a sound art installation titled Nature & Urbanity for two evenings to display some of the audio he’s recorded over the past year at Hidden Falls Regional Park. The park is of particular interest being that it is located on the St. Paul bank of the Mississippi and is constantly blanketed with the booming drones from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The project seeks to distill the sonic experience of a city park apart from the visual one to document the mixture of sounds we consider to be natural with those we consider to be noisy and synthetic.

December 18 & 19, 5:30-7:30pm
Anderson 304/305