Second Annual Homecoming Fine Arts Competition

The Homecoming Planners are putting on the second edition of the Fine Arts Competition, and they want any and all artists to participate.  This particular competition combines the talents of digital and studio artists alike in order to come together for the Homecoming week.  Digital Media Arts students are highly encouraged to express their creativity and submit their work to this popular event.

There will be cash prizes for the winners of the competition, as well.  The final day to enter your submissions is October 2.

To get more information on the theme or restrictions of the competition, go to or

You can send any questions or concerns to

DMA Senior Show – May 11, 5pm, AND 304/305

Digital Media Arts is pleased to announce the DMA Senior Show, which will feature creative projects from DMA graduating seniors in a range of digital media, including audio, video, web, graphic design, performance, and installation. Please stop by to see the great work our students have been doing this year! The show will be held on May 11 from 5-7pm in Anderson 304/305.



Tuesday, April 25: Artist talk with Eman Alshawaf

Tuesday, April 25: Artist talk with digital print/video artist Eman Alshawaf

The Digital Media Arts department is pleased to welcome our spring Artist-in-Residence, Eman Alshawaf. Alshawaf is a digital artist and graphic designer from Kuwait; her art and research explore the impact of contemporary computer technology on language and the human experience, the construction of beliefs, memories, and how our past influences our present. Alshawaf’s methods utilize photography, video, and type, and the resulting works live as prints, projections, and installations. She holds an MFA in Digital Arts and Digital Imaging from Pratt Institute (NY), and is currently completing a doctoral degree in Graphic Design from the University of Minnesota.

Join us for an artist’s talk on Tuesday, April 25 during convo hour (11:30-12:30) in Drew Fine Arts room 220. Alshawaf will share examples of her print and video artworks, and insights into her research and creative production. She will also introduce a site-specific experiential work created for the Hamline campus, interpreting the atmospheric qualities of underutilized physical locations through a fictional memoir narrative, encouraging participants to see familiar spaces through new eyes. Free and open to the public.

Alshawaf will be in residence with DMA from April 24-28; in addition to the public artist’s talk, she will visit several DMA classes as a guest critic / guest speaker, and her work will be featured in the DFA lobby gallery.

DMA Animation Professor Featured At The Trylon

John Akre Animation

The animation of John Akre, Adjunct Instructor in the Department of Digital Media Arts, will be featured in the Northern Exposure film series at the Trylon Microcinema on Wednesday, February 22 at 7 p.m and 9 pm. Northern Exposure is a series at the Trylon Microcinema in Minneapolis that features the work of a local filmmaker every quarter.

Akre is a prolific creator, teacher, and animation advocate. He founded the annnual MinnAnimate festival. This retrospective, spanning a decade, highlights his collage-like work- both fiction and nonfiction-all of which is visually imaginative and deeply honest.

The screening features more than 20 animated shorts created over ten years.


Akre will be present for a Q and A after each show.

Fractal Design Competition

Together with Fractal Foundation, Prof. Sayonita Ghosh Hajra is organizing a fractal design competition. Jennifer Schultz from Fractal foundation will be presenting and showing what fractals are and how to use the software to create fractal designs. The informational event is on March 14 during convo hour.

‘Browser’ Exhibition @Como Planetarium – Nov 17, 5-7pm

Nov 17, 5-7pm at Como Planetarium.


Browser is an interactive video installation inspired in part by Eli Pariser’s concept of the ‘filter bubble.’ A filter bubble is created when an algorithm filters a user’s social media content to only include information that reinforces the user’s views, thus limiting their exposure to alternative viewpoints. Facebook newsfeeds, for example, are more like news products, tailored specifically to the user’s browsing history. Browser allows users to break the algorithm to escape the bubble. Or does it?

Browser is a collaborative research project created by DMA major Sam Schild and professor Josh Gumiela.