Equipment & Policies


**The address for the DMA reservation system has changed to**

Equipment Access
The Digital Media Arts Department provides access to media production equipment to students enrolled in DMA courses through the DMA TechSupport desk.

Respect the DMA TechSupport workers. It is their job to enforce the rules and ensure the lab and equipment is running smoothly. Students who disrespect the TechSupport staff may lose lab and/or equipment access privileges.

Equipment Checkout

  1. You may only checkout equipment designated for the classes in which you are currently enrolled.
  2. Make an account for online reservations. All reservations must be made online at You must setup an account to make reservations. The DMA Tech Support team will have to reactivate your account at the beginning of every semester, even if you’ve set up an account in previous semesters.
  3. Make all reservations online at: You must cancel a reservation immediately if are not going to use the equipment.
  4. Use of the equipment is for course assignments only.
  5. Equipment can be checked out for a 48 hour period (except Thursdays and Fridays – equipment checked out Friday is due back on Monday. Equipment checked out on Thursday is due back on Friday).
  6. Equipment is due before 11:30am on the due date.
  7. Equipment is inspected when you return it. You will be responsible for any damage or loss to the equipment. Inspect the equipment thoroughly for all parts and for damage when you pick it up. Lost or damaged equipment will be charged to the student for replacement/repair.
  8. You may only return equipment during DMA Tech Support hours. DO NOT LEAVE EQUIPMENT IN THE LAB, HALLWAY, OR ANYWHERE ELSE. DO NOT RETURN EQUIPMENT TO PROFESSORS. All equipment that is checked out in your name remains your responsibility until it is properly checked in with DMA TechSupport staff.
  9. Students will be fined $10 for each piece of equipment each day past the due date. Students repeatedly returning equipment will lose access privileges. 
  10. If there are rechargeable batteries in the equipment you check out, charge the batteries before and after use of equipment.