Official DMA Tech Desk Hours for Fall Semester + more

Hours for DMA Tech Desk:


When is my equipment due back to the tech desk?
Sunday-Wednesday rentals are due 48 hours after being checked out (ie. Check something out on Monday and bring it back Wednesday)
Thursday: Due on Friday
Friday: Due on Monday
What if something is late? For everyday something is late, you are subject to a $10 fine per piece of equipment per day. Communicate with with questions.
How do I get to the Tech Desk? (DRH 5A)
Enter the main Drew Residence hall doors
Go one door past the dance studio and follow signs that read “Stairwell to Rooms 1-11”
At bottom of the stairs open the right door for Rooms 1-11.
Take right and head down hallway past the DMA Lab (DRH5)
At the end of the hallway on the left is the DMA tech office (DRH5A)