Between Silence and Sound

Cole Wilson

Senior Seminar 2021

Artist Statement  – Today, we live in a society where medical technology is so advanced that it exceeds expectations and standards. There are procedures that can help cure diseases, infections, and injuries. One medical achievement that stands out to me is the Cochlear Implant. It is a wonderous device that can give the gift of hearing to those who lost their sense of hearing. It is a small peculiar device that sits behind the ear. Sometimes when a person notices it and looks at it for a bit they tend to ask, “What is that on your ear?”. Whenever someone sees something out of the ordinary for the first time, they get curious and would like to know more about it such as its purpose. 

A question that could sound slightly offensive but to me, it is a question that is inviting and a chance for me to tell a story. The impact of the device is significant in the integration of deaf people into the hearing community. It has a cultural impact in both the hearing culture and the deaf culture. I, myself, acquired the Cochlear Implant at an early age and grew up learning how to integrate myself into the hearing community with it. Many people don’t understand the impact it has on a deaf person’s life because sometimes they are left with the answer that it allows them to hear again. By using my experiences, I have created a personal click-through life story about me and the Cochlear Implant on the web.  On each slide, it features drawings and polaroid photos with some text. By creating this, I hope that it better fills in the blanks that get left out whenever the question arises.

About the artistI am a 5th year student-athlete undergraduate for Hamline University. I am a hard-working individual on the Baseball team and currently work four jobs. After attending Hamline University these past few years, I have gained interest in the creative process of production and the aspect of collaboration.