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DMA Tech Support OPEN for Fall Break

DMA Tech Support will be open for regular hours on Friday, October 28 (10:30am-12:30pm; 3:00-5:00pm) and Sunday, October 30 (6:00-8:00pm).

Have a great Fall Break!

New Digital Exhibition Space on Campus : THE HALL

THE HALL is a new digital exhibition space for Hamline students, faculty, and alumni. Located in the basement of Drew Residence Hall, THE HALL will begin  semester-long exhibitions in the Spring of 2017. To apply for the first exhibition, “Past, Present, and Future”, follow the link below. All students, faculty, and alumni are welcome to apply.

The call will be open until DEC. 16TH 2016 at 11:59PM

BYOB St Paul


Bring Your Own Beamer!

October 30, 6-9pm
Studio C, 1494 West Taylor Ave

BYOB is a one-night projection art event in which anyone is invited to participate. All you need is a projection device (video, film, overhead, or other projector) and imagery to take part. Just show up, hook up, and look up!

featured artists:
Allison Baker, Kindohm, Ty Jesse, Leah Rathe, Sam Schild, Jamie Sobalvarro, Law Thao, and others TBA


Upcoming TCFF Events


Future of Film
TCFF Lounge, 1658 West End Blvd.
Saturday, October 24th @ 1:00pm – 2:30pm
FREE Admission
In partnership with IFP Minnesota

A discussion on the state of the film industry with some of the top media professionals in the publishing industry.

Share in conversation with top journalists from Variety,, Screen Magazine, as well as a publicist/pr firm that’s handled films such as No Country for Old MenOslo, August 31st, as well as local film Miss Tibet: Beauty in Exile.

Find out more:
Download the Educational Events Guide:
Send Questions in advance:


Free Day for Youth • Invitation Only – Email Matt Cici to sign up for future events at:
Showplace ICON Lounge, 1625 West End Blvd.
TCFF Lounge, 1658 West End Blvd.
Sunday, October 25th

A fun-filled day for youth to learn about film. Partnering with youth-focused organizations, attendees of TCFF’s Filmmaker Academy will watch and discuss a movie with the filmmakers and create their own movie poster and trailer based on their experiences.

Email Matt Cici to sign up for future events at:
Download the Educational Events Guide:


Capturing the Image
TCFF Lounge, 1658 West End Blvd.
Saturday, October 31st @ 11:00am – 12:30pm
FREE Admission

A discussion on the challenges and tools of telling stories through images.

Share in conversation with two award-winning DPs (Adrian Danciu and Checco Varese, ASC) and two McKnight Fellow Directors (Ann Prim and Norah Shapiro), a guided discussion with a local filmmaker and educator (Keith Langsdorf).

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w/ Matt Osterman
Festival Lounge
Saturday, October 31st @ 1:00pm – 2:30pm
FREE Admission

A conversation with Matt to discuss his career in film, including a showcase of his works (Ghost from the Machine400 Days), moderated by Minnesota filmmaker Todd Cobery (In An InstantKumiko: The Treasure HunterGood Morning, Beautiful ). Filmmaker Spotlights bring the community together to explore the craft of filmmaking and celebrate the individuals who challenge the medium.

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Download the Educational Events Guide:
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Twin Cities Film Fest Institute (TCFF Institute) is a nonprofit organization committed to fostering independent artists, educating youth, and enriching audiences. Through our programs, we are dedicated to providing resources for filmmakers to develop their craft, think critically, and connect with each other. TCFF Institute works year-round, in tandem with Twin Cities Film Fest (TCFF), as a community-based organization to educate youth, artists, and public about the world of cinema and inspires these individuals to create.

The Filmmaker Academy focuses on engaging youth through workshops, school visits, and other programs to advance education of the arts. The program also serves educators and school districts in the area through curriculum development and through partnerships with colleges and universities. The Filmmaker Academy seeks to become a central hub to develop, support, and inspire the most curious and risky generations in their quest to discover their own voices.

TCFF Public Cinema Program offers cinema education, discussions, and workshops for the public. Twin Cities Film Fest is known for carrying topical films that spark dialogue. These panels and workshops provide a place for the Twin Cities audiences to discuss the films and learn about filmmaking. With the TCFF Public Cinema Program we are dedicated to providing resources for filmmakers to develop their craft with workshops and film challenges, offering critical media thinking through panel discussions and movie nights, and connecting film artists at social mixers and events.

Annual Pizza & Pi Info Session


Check out this year’s info session and get important info on:

  • Junior portfolio review
  • 2nd Annual Rasberry Pi contest
  • New classes
  • Updates on the major

…did we mention there’s pizza?