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DMA has moved to Bush Student Center

The Digital Media Arts Department has a new home in the lower level of Bush Center Center (next to the HUB). We are no longer located in Drew Residence Hall. The DMA Equipment Desk is now located in the lower level of Bush Memorial Library, 17A.

We have a whole new set of classrooms and labs and we’re very excited about the new resources we can offer our students. Check out our Labs and Equipment page for more information.

The new Bush Student Center spaces include:

  • BSC 2 DMA Media Lab – This lab contains Windows computers with all software needed for coursework and project production, photo backdrop system, and large format printer.
  • BSC 2B Audio Suite – This room is designed for advanced audio production projects. It contains a computer with digital audio production software, Genelec monitors, 8×8 I/O audio interface, and an audio equipment rack. The room is also set up for post-production audio including Foley pits and props for sound design.
  • BSC 3A VR/AR Lab – The VR/AR lab hosts a PC and Vive headset for creating immersive and interactive virtual reality projects. Students use 360º video cameras, such as GoPro Fusion, and software, including Adobe Premiere and Max 8, to create 360º video stories and experiences in 3D virtual space.
  • BSC 3B Video Edit Suite – This room hosts a 27” iMac installed in a separate room for a quiet editing space. Outfitted with large external hard drive, access to EditShare high speed video server, reference monitor for color correction work, and audio monitors.
  • BSC 6 & 6A MakerLab – These rooms contain Raspberry Pi computers,  Makergear 3D printers, soldering stations, and electronics tools and components for designing and building various physical computing projects.
  • BSC 6B Type Lab – This room hosts equipment for a variety of graphic design techniques, including a letter press and screen printing.


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