For Future Artists & designers

Digital technology has radically altered the ways in which we understand, create and consume media arts. The courses offered through the Digital Media Arts department provide opportunities for young artists and designers to develop the formal and technical skills that will enable them to create works that engage and challenge a changing society.

Broad range of courses

Hamline’s Digital Media Arts major is ideal for future artists, designers, makers, and professionals who will become immersed in the vanguard of current and developing media arts practices, such as audio-visual installation, net art, interactive media design, performance, 3D printing, sound art, and physical computing. Department faculty are engaged with emerging digital media forms and theory, which positions students on the leading edge of a rapidly evolving media arts landscape.

LABS & Equipment

The Digital Media Arts department provides specialized computer labs, studio workstations and a wide range of media equipment that students can check out to use in the field, including video cameras, tripods, audio recorders, microphones, lighting gear – everything you need to make great work.

News & Announcements

Stay up to date with the latest information about special Digital Media Arts events, student opportunities and more.

Our students

Hamline’s Digital Media Arts department hosts an annual show where senior students in the DMA department can display their projects. Seniors spend an entire year devoted to researching and crafting their projects, these can range from a variety of mediums in which the student has chosen to use. Our senior show website allows anyone to visit all of the projects virtually, this year’s senior show can be visited with the button below: