Art and the Mind

Oliviana Cervantes

Senior Seminar 2021

Artist Statement – In 2020, the world stopped due to the pandemic and there was a struggle with mental health for many people all around the world due to traditional therapy being less accessible. Art therapy is a solution that may have helped some of those people. For myself, over the year I used the skills and coping strategies I learned in art therapy to help stay as positive as I could. Art therapy is using painting, drawing, modeling, etc. for therapeutic reasons and allows the patient to use more artistic forms of self-expression. This website was made for people who are unfamiliar with art therapy and so they can see and learn how it can help. Included in this website are true stories, art therapis comments, my own personal experiences, and an overview in plain English of how art therapy can be used with or without medication in order to address the specific needs of the individual. Art therapy can also be used in conjunction with traditional therapy. I thought the website might be helpful for people interested in considering art therapy.

About the artistOliviana (they/them) grew up in St. Paul and always had a deep passion for art, photography, and mental health advocacy. After graduating from high school they moved to Florida briefly to pursue an Associate of Arts Degree in Studio Arts from the State College of Florida. After graduating from SCF they moved back to Minnesota to follow in their parents footsteps and attend Hamline University and will be graduating in Spring of 2021 with a Bachelors of the Arts in Graphic Design.