Voices of Adoptees

Sonya Garg

Senior Seminar 2021

Artist Statement  – Racial and cultural upbringing can have a profound impact on a child who is adopted. Throughout my research I have found many adoptees do not realize how much their identity is developed as they accept the notion of being adopted.  Being adopted at a young age has always made me wonder: why my parents gave me up, and if I was able to meet my biological parents, how it would go. These questions also made me realize how lucky I am to be in this world with the privilege of many opportunities.

My project portrays the process of how adoptees accept being adopted through personal stories and understandings of how they are different. The podcast series I have created involves two adoptees from China who talk about their journeys’ of developing their identity. In addition, I include my own story and understanding of what it means to be adopted. My goal for listeners to take away is the importance of adoption and understanding that people are different no matter where they come from.  In the podcast you will hear many interesting stories about how each adoptee has embraced acceptance of being adopted including: how racism has made the adoptees identity more confident or how connected they are to their cultural background.

About the artistSonya Garg, is a graduating senior at Hamline University who has a major in Digital Media Arts and minor in Spanish. She is an avid painter and an early education teacher. In her free time, Sonya enjoys cuddling with her puppy and traveling around the world with her family. Sonya plans to apply her skills in Digital Media Arts to the world of early education.