Imperfect 365

Ian Olson

Senior Seminar 2021

Artist Statement – The creation of art is something that has been integral to the development of humanity as a whole. Whether it be from the beginning of our time with cave paintings to our more modern digital paintings, it all had had a purpose and kept our humanity alive in times of need. If that is the case, why are so many people afraid of creating art of their own? Why do countless others believe that their art is too flawed to have value? What would happen if someone chooses to make art everyday and find the importance of each piece, no matter how imperfect it may be?

These questions are what form the basis of Imperfect 365. Instead of being afraid of creating “terrible” art, I spent every day for a whole year making digital art. Not every piece is a masterpiece; which is exactly the point. You don’t have to create what society deems a “perfect” art piece, in fact, you shouldn’t. Everything you create, including it’s imperfections, has a value and a lesson behind it; whether you see it at first glance or not. What truly matters is that you are making something. My project focuses on this and works to create a community of other artists who are taking on this challenge through a website I have created. On this website, everyone can post the art they have created and form discussions about what their process was like, what their intention was, and other ideas they could explore. Through this sense of community, I hope to inspire others to explore this same challenge and see where it may take them!

About the artistIan Olson is a native Minnesotan who specializes in all different types of art. Whether it be acting in front of a live audience, creating a year’s worth of digital art, making student films, or creating ambient sound design, he loves it all. He plans on continuing this all further when he moves to Illinois for his graduate studies at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.