Waking Up Magazine

Ella Smith

Senior Seminar 2021

Artist Statement – Breakfast has been deemed “the most important meal of the day” by much of the world, but most people have never stopped to question why that is. I used my research on this topic and my experience as a recipe creator and food stylist to create a food magazine called “Waking Up Magazine.”

When I was 15 years-old, I decided to create a food blog called Wake Up to Waffles to share my love of healthy cooking and wellness. My background in food blogging inspired me to create an annual, themed magazine that covers important food-related topics. The title of the first issue is “A Mindful Approach to Breakfast” because it expands on the importance of mindful eating and keeping meals interesting by trying new things. I hope to redefine the importance of breakfast by encouraging people to listen to their bodies rather than sticking to traditional meal times. 

After 7 years of blogging, it has been a dream of mine to create a physical cookbook. My medium has always been digital and it was a valuable experience to see my work jump from the computer screen to a physical form. Using new software and learning to incorporate handwritten illustrations into my digital designs has expanded my knowledge beyond what I thought was possible. This magazine will serve as a valuable addition of my creative accomplishments.

About the artistElla Smith is a graphic designer, photographer, and filmmaker from Minneapolis. She created the popular vegetarian food blog Wake Up to Waffles and continues to share her delicious recipes and passion for food styling. Her evolution into graphic design allowed her to delve into a new world of digital art. Her experience includes designing a business networking app, developing branding for small businesses, and directing a short film.